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Fidia is a technology company on a mission to provide the tools for creative businesses and digital entrepreneurs to standardize, get paid, and manage their businesses.

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We're a group of young, committed, and talented people that are extremely passionate about empowering creators and entreprenuers with technology and helping them make money from what they love doing. We believe that creators should have the ability to get paid for the value they give to their fans.

When we started building Fidia in 2020, our goal was to provide a simple way for creators to get paid for the value they give to their audience by removing all the geographic restrictions that the existing platforms have but along the way, we realized that it wasn't enough. Creators are expected to push out content frequently, grow an audience, manage a community, and run a business, doing all this while staying on top of their creative game. Nothing has been built with them in mind that makes it possible to retain creative control while running their creative business.

We created Fidia to meet all the unique needs of a creator and an entrepreneur by helping them start, scale and grow their business so they can focus on creating, making art, energizing their audience and fulfilling their client needs. We built all the interesting ways they can get paid and manage their business operations — like collecting payments, accepting tips/donations, selling products, setting up a website and puts them all in one place.

The bigger vision for us is to become a globally renowned enabler and partner for creative businesses and digital enterprises to grow into viable and sustainable businesses.

Founding Team

Soliudeen Ogunsola
Soliudeen Ogunsola

Co-Founder & CEO

Gbadebo Bello
Gbadebo Bello

Co-Founder & CT0

Ajibola Akelebe
Ajibola Akelebe

Co-Founder & CB0

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